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At ARO+ we offer a global service for your business and your home, through the installation of professional industrial scent equipment, providing preventive and corrective maintenance as well as recharging the scent on a monthly basis.

Business flavoring

Home fragrance

Aromatization of all kinds

We offer you the opportunity to create your own aroma based on the values of your brand, analyzing the audience it is aimed at as well as the sensations you want to communicate to the client: innovation, technology, comfort, tradition, joy, security, tranquility, originality, elegance. , among others; We thus strengthen your brand, position it and make you stand out from the competition.

Who does not remember beautiful moments of his childhood when smelling an apple pie or when remembering the perfume of flowers of mother!

Smell changes the tactile experience; an aroma can transmit values to the client and thanks to ARO + the spaces are redesigned to create emotions; We do everything possible to make people remember your brand with pleasure and come back. At ARO + our job is for your company to improve the customer's shopping experience. We can scent any environment, from a small space to large spaces.

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