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Preguntas frecuentes 

  • What services do you offer?
    We are dedicated to providing Olfactory Marketing service (environmental aromatization and sanitization) through industrial aromatization equipment.
  • I am interested in scenting my home or my business. What do I need to know?
    Olfactory Marketing is an excellent opportunity to create experiences for your customers and the people who visit you! In order to guide you, it is necessary that you provide us with the dimensions of the space you want to aromatize (square meters and approximate height) since we have equipment with different coverage capacities in aromatization and, depending on the size of the spaces, we will suggest the appropriate equipment for cover your environmental aromatization needs. In our online store you can see the different models of diffusers that we handle, in the "Products" section, here you can find the specifications of each piece of equipment. We share the direct link. 📌
  • How are spaces scented?
    Our equipment generates a small cloud of aroma. For this to happen, the equipment is programmed, defining frequency in time and days; the cloud is dispersed according to the assigned schedule. We advise you so that the aroma and the equipment you choose are the right ones to set your spaces.
  • What are some of the differences between professional aromatization equipment and a vaporizer?
    Vaporizers work by heating essential oils and sometimes involve adding water to dilute the oils to aid in the evaporation process. Essential oils are very delicate and volatile. When heated, its therapeutic benefits are destroyed. On the other hand, our professional aromatization equipment has a spray system that emits olfactory particles smaller than 5 microns by means of an air pump, transforming the aroma (essential oil) from a liquid state to a gaseous state. The loads of ARO+ used will depend on the needs of the client, that is, the number of cubic meters that the spaces to aromatize measure. Our equipment can be installed anywhere where you want to have a pleasant, long-lasting and continuous aroma, as well as a positive impact on people.
  • What does the space to aromatize need to have in order to install a professional aroma equipment?
    You need to have an outlet that isn't too close to a draft (drafts are often near a front door or window). Our equipment works with air currents and, being located very close to one of them, a uniform and constant aromatization can be lost in the area that is being aromatized. Keep in mind that our equipment can be installed either hanging on the wall at a maximum suggested height of 2.5 meters, behind a pot or decorative ornament, behind a piece of furniture, or installed in the ducts of an air conditioning unit.
  • What are some of the benefits I get from using professional scenting equipment?
    (1) Our equipment is programmable in aromatization intensity, that is, it is configured by times in which the equipment will remain on and/or off (operating intervals). With this we achieve an adequate saturation; that the aroma is neither very intense, nor so low that it cannot be perceived. The equipment turns on automatically on the day and time preset by the user. The aromatization intensity is programmed for the equipment, that is, the number of seconds that the equipment will last on and the number of seconds that the equipment will last off, during a schedule that has been defined for each day of the week. Example: Configuration: assigned schedule from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Equipment working frequency (assigned in seconds): 60 seconds on, 240 seconds off. This means that the team will be working on this assigned frequency during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. With the configuration of the frequency in the aromatization, it is how we manage to make the space smell not with a very high or very low intensity, but rather that it feels pleasant all the time. (2) Unlike a common vaporizer, with our aromatization equipment we offer maximum coverage thanks to the sophisticated dispersion mechanism they have. We can aromatize really large spaces.(3) We manage aromatization equipment that is controlled and programmed by means of a mobile device, through Wi-Fi. For this, the place, where the equipment is installed, must have a Wi-Fi modem whose internet frequency band is 2.4 GHz. You will NOT be able to use this function of the equipment if the frequency band is 5 GHz. To make use of the Wi-Fi function in those devices that have it, an application must be downloaded on a mobile device (both the application and the user manual are provided at the time of purchasing our devices).< /p> In the application that is used to control the aromatization equipment via Wi-Fi, an indefinite amount of equipment can be managed and/or controlled. All this under the same user profile.
  • Can I install/place my unit at a horizontal angle?
    No. When the essential oil tank is inside the aromatization equipment, it must always remain in a vertical position, otherwise the essential oil may spill and thus damage the internal functioning mechanism of the aromatization equipment.
  • Does the professional aromatization equipment work only through the central air A/C?
    We handle different models of professional aromatization equipment: a) Professional aromatization equipment that can work in any area and does not need to be installed in the central air A/C. b) Professional aromatization equipment that provides greater coverage and that can be installed to work through the central air A/C. In this case, it should be taken into consideration that the A/C must remain on all the time so that the aroma can travel through it.
  • What is the duration of the aromas?
    200ml of aroma gives you approximately between 45 and 55 days with an average daily use of between 8 and 10 hours, with a moderate intensity in aromatization. Regularly receive your favorite aroma! It is very simple, flexible and secure. Subscribe:
  • Will using essential oils in professional scenting equipment harm my furniture, equipment, art, and pets?
    They are safe and do not cause any harm. Our professional air fresheners use cold air diffusion technology, there is no residue and therefore it is safe to use around furniture, equipment, art and pets.
  • Can I use these scents on my skin?
    Since our scents contain pure essential oils and plant essences, it is not recommended that our scents be applied to the skin as they are in pure, undiluted form. If you have oil on your hands, wash the area with soap and water. Avoid contact with the eyes. Never ingest.
  • I spilled aroma, how can I clean it?
    If any scent is spilled the area (including the unit) should be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. Remember that these are undiluted essential scents and therefore should be treated with care.
  • How can I acquire a scent?
    We have a catalog of more than 30 scents, which can be purchased through our online store, in the “Flavours” section. Here we share the direct link: 📌 ¡If you can't decide which scent you like or if you just want to know what our scents smell like, before buying them, we invite you to purchase a package with 5 samples of scents and fall in love with them! We share the direct link:📌 Our aromas are specifically designed to be used by the mechanism of the aromatization equipment that we sell, thanks to this we offer you a long-lasting, pleasant and constant aromatization all the time. Our aromas DO NOT need to be diluted in water or any other liquid, since they are made with essential oils and with special technology to be used with our diffusers. (DOES NOT WORK IN WATER VAPORIZERS). 200ml of aroma gives you approximately between 45 and 55 days with an average daily use of between 8 and 10 hours, with a moderate aromatization intensity Regularly receive your favorite aroma! It is very simple, flexible and secure. Subscribe: 📌 Interested in creating a custom scent for your brand? Write us through the "Contact" section at: 📌 Come closer and tell us about your brand, we need to know some information and that you detail us in the "message" section what your company is.
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